Who we are

The UNESCO Chair in Cultural Tourism, a joint initiative of Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero and Asociación Amigos del Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, seeks to protect, preserve and promote the heritage, lay bridges and create bonds between the academic world, local agents and the public sector in order to identify needs and put forth suggestions and recommendations for the appropriate management of such heritage and its sustainable tourist use.

To such purposes, since the Chair was established in March 2007, work has been conducted in the fields of training, awareness and promotion through academic activities, international seminars and the publishing of books and multimedia material.

For twelve consecutive years, the Chair has been offering a Postgraduate Course in Heritage and Sustainable Tourism. Until the present, 350 students from Argentina and Latin America have benefitted from the Postgraduate Course, thus improving the management of knowledge and promoting the role of culture and heritage as an instrument and drive of sustainable development, better practices, the compliance with UNESCO regulations nationwide and the support to the creation of skills through new online teaching and learning technologies.

In turn, the Chair represents an instrument of cooperation and interchange among professionals from the country, the region and other institutions and universities worldwide to share knowledge and foster greater awareness both locally and regionally of the worth of cultural and natural heritage available in the region and the need to preserve it through preventive conservationism and the enhancement of the knowledge of international regulations adopted in the framework of UNESCO. Finally, it aims to generate growth opportunities,mitigate the exodus of professionals due to economic crises and provide the tools for a better management of culture and heritage and their interaction with tourism in particular and national and regional economies in general.